The Carriage Mount Carpet Poles are suitable for Carpet, Vinyl, Fabric or similar products. Fitted with “quick release”, mounting locks provides a safe and easy connection to the forklift carriage, saving time and eliminating the need for any tools. Carpet Poles are manufactured from high tensile steel. Enamel paint finish. The Carriage Mount Carpet Poles  have been designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2359.15. Available in these sizes: PRODUCT CODE SIZES FSCM-40-1200 Carpet Pole Carriage Mount 40mm OD 1200mm L FSCM-50-1800 Carpet Pole Carriage Mount 50mm OD 1800mm L FSCM-60-2800 Carpet Pole Carriage Mount 60mm OD 2800mm L FSCM-70-2800 Carpet Pole Carriage Mount 70mm OD 2800mm L FSCM-82-2800 Carpet Pole Carriage Mount 82mm OD 2800mm L


    Slip On Forklift Carpet Poles convert a standard forklift truck into a specialist handler suitable for fabric, carpet, cable and coil products eliminating manhandling of a heavy, unstable product. The Slip On Forklift Carpet Pole quickly adapt to almost any forklift and require only the connection of a safety chain to prevent unintentional disengagement. Entry into the product being handled is simplified with the smooth, tapered tip of the Forklift Carpet Pole and the wide faceplate protects against damage to the product during transportation. Forklift Carpet Poles are manufactured from high tensile steel and can be made to any length. Please contact us for a quote or enquire about manufacturing a custom sized slip on forklift carpet pole to suit your unique requirements. Available in these 'off the shelf' sizes: PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION FSS-40-1200 Carpet Pole Slip On 40mm OD 1200mm L FSS-60-2800 Carpet Pole Slip On 60mm OD 2800mm L FSS-70-2800 Carpet Pole Slip On 70mm OD 2800mm L