• Assortment of Crown 30WRT102 – suit repair

    Assortment of Crown 30WRT102 walk behind forklifts, suit repair, need batteries. Make an offer.

  • Komatsu 2.5T forklift


    Komatsu 2.5T forklift, fg25-t11, 6m 3 stage mast, sideshift, LPG, Pneumatic tyres, 4735HRs. $13,000 Plus GTS $14,300 total.

  • Manitou MSI 50 forklift


    Manitou MSI 50 forklift with 4m 2 stage lift, 1700mm wide carriage, 1500mm tines, sideshift, hydro-static drive, 4 levers, 2993HRs. $30,000 + GST = $33,000

  • Nissan 2.8T Electric forklift


    Nissan 2.8T Electric forklift, 730ah battery in good condition with battery charger (3 phase), side shift, 4.3m 3 stage container mast. $11,000 plus GST = $12,100 total

  • Taylor Dunn BQ-015-00 Electric Ute/Buggy

    The Taylor-Dunn Loadmaster B-150 is an ergonomic electric utility vehicle designed with a short turning radius to maneuver in tight spaces. 36 volt electric Speed up to 19kmh (12 mph) Range up to 32km (20 miles) Load capacity of 725 kilos (1,600 pounds) Tow capacity of 3,409 kilos (7,500 pounds) Two person capacity Fitted with head lights, indicators, fiberglass cabin. Ex-demo unit for sale with a total of 7 hours, perfect for when your looking to improve your employees mobility within a facility with a generous load and towing capacity. PRICE: Contact for price.

  • Toyota 3.0T 6 series forklift


    Toyota 3.0T 6 series forklift, 5m 2 stage, sideshift, pneumatic tyres, LPG, serviced, 16,xxx hours. $10,000 + GST = $11,000

  • Yale 2.5T Diesel forklift


    Yale 2.5T Diesel forklift, Sideshift, Solid tires, 3.8m lift, new hydraulic pump, serviced. Price: $10,000 + GST = $11,000 Total